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Here you will find out what kind of advertising services provided by AdFlea

Advertising types:

Mobile Phone Creative Ads

Ads are placed at tray of the device screen, so call to action appears to be very smooth and effective.

- Real 7% - 25% CTRs

- Highly customisable

Icon Advertising

Icon Ads are placed on the start screen of an Android device, like pre-installed apps.

- Your icon can be placed on 100+ million devices

- Cheap per-istall

Pop-up ads

Pop-ups are displayed as a modal window inside an app. It provides huge CTRs.

- 50%+ higher conversions rates

- Guaranteed feedback from call-to-action

Landing Page Ads

Landings are displayed as a full page within the app screen.

- More space for call-to-action anchors

- Can fit any branding of your product/company

Rich Media Creative Ads

Advertising with interactive content

- Incredible CTRs!

- %45-%70 higher conversion rates