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Welcome to AdFlea!

AdFlea is a leading direct marketing internet agency in the industry.
We use the brand new and unique traffic analysis system that provides our numerous customers with the finest targeted traffic ever! So get ready for huge sales!

Strategy that leads to success!

AdFlea works with direct publishers and site networks only.
We have the best traffic inventory and it allows us to create really effective online campaigns, smart media plans and generate targeted traffic for your projects instantly.

Boost up your sales with AdFlea!

Advertising materials optimization, traffic analysis and smart ad placing allows campaign to succeed.
Our team is always focused on final result.
We mean it.

Creative approach — outstanding result!

There are no templates, every campaign is developed from scratch.
Every business is unique, so we always pay attention to every aspect of your product to provide you with the ideal solution.

Idea is the key!

Advertising is nothing without a good IDEA. In order to get desired results we always use creative approach and do our best to provide our customers with outstanding ideas, which will work for sure. And it works!

Concept to campaign!

Our experienced team provides customers with integrated advertising solutions. Your product will be ready to fight and win on any market we target it to!

Targeting and Analysis

We got the best-of-industry traffic inventory tools. So you don’t have to spend too much time to wait for complete analysis. Targeting direct publishers and site networks ensures our customers a 100% effectiveness.